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Presentation of Nasgaïa

The Nasgaïa project was initiated by Martial Daumas, who was looking for a GNU/Linux distribution suited to his needs, but wasn't able to find any. He surely wanted to have fun too :-).

the distribution started from an Linux From Scratch (LFS) which gradually turned into a real distribution. The no return point was the creation of the Ncooker concept, the packaging system, which has propeled the project in a new dimension, giving it the touch which makes Nasgaïa different.

But apart from this, the project is above all an adventure between people having the same goal : to dispose of a GNU/Linux distribution 100% free, sharing knowledge and ideas.

To ensure this ideal, the entire project is governed by a Charter which has been voted by the members of the Ethical Counsel, themselves elected by the instigator of the project.

What caracterize Nasgaïa ?

Ethical side

The Nasgaïa project has experienced and evolved to nowadays in the same goal, with its problems and gladness, but never diverging from its finality. This moral stability comes from the foundations of the project, which dictate the human directives before being interested by technical problems.

Thus, as the GNU project, protected from deviations by its GPL license, we can say that Nasgaïa is proteced by its Charter, which dwell on human values. To know more, read this Charter. In another domain, used licenses have a strong importance for us.

Finaly, we're here to have fun, so let's do it in the best mood possible.

Techincal side

the basis technical principles of Nasgaïa are :

Standards side

As described in the Charter, Nasgaïa is a way to have fun, facilitating computer access, and information in general. So it seems normal that the project follows in the best way the strandards or recomandations indisputable. Among them, we find :